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  • 22 Dec 2012 10:03 | Paul Mann (Administrator)

    Public sector employees in Canada take nearly five more sick, disability and personal days per year than Canadians working in the private sector, at an annual cost of up to $3.5 billion, says Calling in Sick, a report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

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    With thanks from CFIB

  • 22 Dec 2012 09:53 | Paul Mann (Administrator)

    Remember the commercial where a seemingly middle-aged couple invites all of their friends to a party in celebration of their retirement, complete with a giant cake and choreography? Well, unless you’re part of the public sector, which represents 20% of the Canadian workforce, this is not your reality.

    The facts:

    • Public sector pay: already paid $19 billion more every year than if they were paid at private sector norms.
    • Federal public servants: pay only about 37% of their pension costsundefinedtaxpayers pay the rest. Estimates show these are underfunded by between $150 and $230 billion. (There are billions more in unfunded liabilities at the provincial and local level as well as other public sector institutions.)
    • Early retirement: full pensions and extended benefits only exist in the public sector. Many civil servants can retire at 55. Governments even top up CPP/QPP for those retiring early.
    • Mandatory hike in CPP/QPP premiums: union leaders want to double these by hiking premiums by 60% for employees and employers. This tax increase will kill jobs. If benefits double, all employees and employers would pay an additional $1,300 per year each. Small business owners and the self-employed would pay $2,600 each!
    • What a hike would mean for you: while the idea of increased CPP benefits sounds great, what isn’t mentioned is that this benefit wouldn’t take effect for 40 years! (Even the unions admit it.)

    Are you part of the public sector workforce? Your retirement may not be as secure as you think:

    • As most government pensions have massive shortfalls, are you certain that benefits won’t be cut when you retire?
    • Retired civil servants in Europe and the US are actually having their pensions cut – as much as 50%.

    How We Can Fix This Problem

    First, fix pensions for politicians, especially MPs. While civil service pensions are often "gold" plated, MPs’ pensions are "platinum" plated.

    Fully disclose public pension liabilities at all levels of government with the same methodology every year. Right now, the total bill is unknown.

    Enroll all new hires in the public sector in reasonable defined contribution plans. This already exists for most civil servants in Saskatchewan.

    Ensure all civil servants pay 50% of their full pension costs. This already exists in most provincial plans.

    Phase out early retirement for public sector workers. The number of working years should be the same as the private sector. Eliminate top-up of CPP for public sector workers who choose to retire before 65.

    Note- reproduced from various Sources

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