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Social & Community Support programs

Small Business Owners and Professionals Association of Canada (SBPA) recognizes its social and community responsibilities.

SBPA will not only involve with social causes but also support financially social and or community causes subject to availability of funds.

At present SBPA is supporting the following activities:

  • Sports Activities
  • Drug Awareness
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Meet a professional events
To request financial support please email at 

The decision of the Selection Committee and the SBPA is final and not open to appeals.

The SBPA reserves the right to withdraw any of the programs on its own discretion without any notice.

Latest Business News

SBPA Scholarship Awards

SBPA will award 3 merit based scholarships this year. Each scholarship will pay tuition expenses of $1000 per year (CDN) . 

Maximum Award per student per year is $1000. 

SBPA reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship program anytime without any notice. 

Deadline For Applications- July15th of each Year

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