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About SBPA

Small Business Owners and Professionals Association of Canada (SBPA) is a non-profit organization and was established for the purpose of providing small business owners, their employees and retirees access to innovative services, programs, information and benefits that would help their businesses to succeed.

  • Advocacy : Advocate for its members' interest.

  • Promotes local business interests to a wide variety of stakeholders

  • Networking : being member of SBPA allows businesses the opportunity to connect with a rich and diverse community.

  • Makes strategic alliances to advance its and its members objectives

  • Social : Promote sports and other healthy activities to create awareness among local community.

  • Sponsoring educational activities to create employment.

  • SBPA offers its members premier products and services to help build, expand and grow their business enterprises. See what we can offer to help you take your business to the next level! 

Latest Business News

SBPA Scholarship Awards

SBPA will award 3 merit based scholarships this year. Each scholarship will pay tuition expenses of $1000 per year (CDN).

Maximum Award per student per year is $1000.

SBPA reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship program anytime without any notice.

Deadline For Applications- July15th

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