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SBPA is run by the board of directors and various committees and sometime a little bit overlap to complement each others skills and achieve the one common goal, best possible results.

You may volunteer for any existing committee by sending your resume to .

SBPA actively encourages the formation of new committees. If you are interested in forming a new committee, please write a proposal to SBPA

SBPA Scholarship Awards

SBPA will award 3 merit based scholarships this year. Each scholarship will pay tuition expenses of $1000 per year (CDN) for the first two years of study leading to a degree from an accredited community college or university. 

Maximum Award per student per year is $1000. 

If SBPA do not receive enough applications or qualified students for scholarship, scholarships can given to the local community college or University students. 

SBPA reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship program anytime without any notice. 

Deadline For Applications- August 15th of each Year

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